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August Planting Tips

1st Week of August

  • Annuals, Lawns, and Perennials
    • Some plants and pots may need water 2 times daily in the very hot weather.
    • Do not wet foliage if you must water during the heat of day.  The best time to water is morning and evening. 
    • No water except for sod and seed.
    • Continue to deadhead faded blooms to encourage new ones. Roses should be cut back to the first branch with 5 leaves. 

2nd Week of August

  • Annuals, Lawns, Perennials
    • Remove diseased and dropped leaves to prevent the spread of disease.
    • No Ferilizer on Lawns
    • Cut perennials to the ground that have spent flowers or have powdery/drowny mildew.  Examples:  Bee Balm, Phlox, Gallardia, Obedient Plants.  They won't bloom again but the foliage will come back more attractive. 
    • Reapply preemergent herbicide to mulched areas where weeds are excessive.  DO NOT apply to annual beds. 

3rd Week of August

  • Lawns, Perennials, Trees, and Shrubs
    • Start planning for any major renovation
    • Now is the time to divide spring blooming perennials like Iris, Poppy. (Wait until spring to divide Siberian Irises.)  Mulch and make sure they have good well drained soil and amend with organic matter at this time. 
    • Continue to water new plants as needed.

4th Week of August

  • Lawns, Perennials, Trees, and Shrubs
    • A good time to begin reseeding is towards the end of August as weather begins to cool.
    • Lightly rake mulch during wet periods to prevent slime molds.  They are discusting and commonly called dog vomit molds.  Do not rake after they have appeared as culivating will cause them to spread. 
    • Touch up prune as needed. 

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