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November Planting Tips

1st Week of November

  • Shrubs and Trees
    • Start to look at trees and shrubs for Christmas displays.

2nd Week of November

  • Annuals, Shrubs, and Trees
    • Remove your mums and clean up all annuals as they finish.  Get ahead in the spring by cleaning leaves really well.
    • Trunk wrap softwood trees, newly planted, and in high deer traffic to protect from frost cracking and deer damage.

3rd Week of November

  • Lawns, Shrubs, and Trees
    • Winterize your equipment, clean the mower decks, and sharpen blades.  Add a fuel stabilizer to the tank and run the engine to get it all the way through the system. 
    • Hang deer bags on shrubs that look particulary juicy to deer and rabbits like Burning Bush, Weigelias, Roses, and Junipers. 

4th Week of November

  • Lawns and Perennials
    • Finalize your leaf cleanups and cut the lawn down a little shorter the last time if you want to. 
    • Cut all roses back to 18 inches.  We recommend covering with hardwood mulch. 

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