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February Planting Tips

1st Week of February

  • Too Much To Do And Not Enough Time To Get It Done??
    • Call Stuart's for your Spring cleanup and early season Landscape Maintenance and Gardening needs!!

2nd Week of February

  • Dogwoods
    • Dogwood and other hedges can be taken down to preferred dimensions.
    • Remove any gray/dead branches in the Red Twig Dogwoods.

3rd Week of February

  • Dead, Damaged, or Diseased Branches
    • Remove any dead, damaged, or diseased branches.
    • Do any tree shaping at this time as it is easy to see the overall shape while the leaves are off.

4th Week of February

  • Gardening Equipment
    • Look through all of your gardening equipment; rakes, shovels, hand tools, etc. and replace any that are worn out and sharpen blades where possible.

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