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April Planting Tips

1st Week of April

  • Snow Removal Damage
    • This is the best time to repair any plow or snow removal damage done to your lawn or shrubs.
  • Still have Cabin Fever??
    • Come and see our new line of spring merchandise and take a walk through the greenhouses to see what we have growing!!
  • Protection Application
    • As soon as the ground is no longer frozen or waterlogged you can apply your yearly application of Bayer Advanced Tree and Shrub.  This internal protection is a good defense against many insect problems. 

2nd Week of April

  • Spring Clean-Ups Begin in Earnest
    • All of last year's leaves and plant debris are in the compost pile!!
    • Cut out all winter damage on Evergreens.
    • Remove any Tree wrap.
    • Do any lawn de-thatching before mowing starts.

3rd Week of April

  • More Springs Clean-Up Tasks
    • Give Mulch beds a new look with 1 inch of fresh mulch.
    • Pre-emergent Weed Control should be done in beds with the fresh mulch. Be careful around Perennials and where you've planned to put Annuals as Preen and similar products will stunt their growth.
    • Crabgrass preventer can be applied to the lawns any time after the 15th up to the second week of May.
    • Uncover any roses and look for any winter and animal damage. Prune only damaged and dead canes. Shape as needed.

4th Week of April

  • Lawns
    • Lawns will begin to be mowed at no less than 3 inches.
  • Oriole Feeders
    • Time to put your Oriole Feeder out!  Looking for an easy way to deal with the jam feeders?  Stop in and see our solution!!

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